Java is a programming language, and platform for programming, applications, and Web software, from Sun Microsystems.

As a language, it is strictly object-oriented, aggressively platform-independent, self documenting, inherently multithreaded, security conscious, and garbage collected, with a rich standard library, including Internet communications, windowing graphics (AWT, Swing), and SQL database interface (JDBC). Java is closely related to C, but intentionally lacks many of the features of C++, namely multiple inheritance, operator overloading, and any explicit pointers. These exclusions are done specifically to make it a simpler language, and they seem to work. Many programmers choose to program in Java just to be more productive. Some programming instructors teach introductory courses to C++ by first using Java, and then, after students learn how to program, the move to C++, to save time and aid student comprehension; both languages can be taught in the time often needed for C++ alone.

As a platform, Java is compiled into still platform-independent bytecodes, then interpreted on each machine; interpreters, using virtual machines (VMs), for most computer types are widely available. This lets portable programs be written on any one of many computer architectures, with the slogan: "Write Once Run Anywhere". One powerful example of this is Java Applets, Java programs embedded in a Web page, downloaded by the Web browser, and executed on the user's computer. Java's inherent security minimizes the risks of running an untested, untrusted program, and platform independence lets most computers execute it. The Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, and Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browsers, among many others, can run Java applets.

But there's more. Sun has even wider goals for Java, including marketing it as a language for embedded systems, making it a standard for cross-platform object-oriented program communication, and possibly challenging the Microsoft Windows dominance of operating systems (OSs). The precedent of the JDK, Java interpreter/compiler packages, being free for download for most OSs from Sun and others, along with most of the source code, as well as the promise of platform independence, has spawned much interest in Java as part of the Open Source software movement. Many applets and even full applications are also downloadable free, with source code. Also available: compilers to translate from other languages to platform independent Java bytecode, decompilers to convert Java bytecode to readable Java, and obfuscators, to hinder them. All are popular categories.

This directory category intends to cover all of that. Ambitious goal, no? :-)

This category only for Java applet collections and listings. Only English sites are allowed, else go to World. Your site must contain applets not only links to other applet sites. Preferably more than 10.
Java applications (client-side only, not server side, and not applets).
Forums for discussing Java, getting help, and chillin' with your Java pals.
Please submit only site of forums or char ABOUT Java to this category. Sites usind Java technology to run or view a chat are not suitable here. Deeplinks are only acceptable if they pose a large source for Java information and their main site is not listed elsewhere in the Java tree.
Drivers which only run on one platform (and for these purposes, the Windows product line counts as "one platform") should be submitted to the Platform Specific subcategory instead.
Directories listing primarily applets, applications, and/or class libraries.
Coding standards and programming styles for Java.
Please submit sites that are directly related to Java Coding Standards and Java Programming Style.

If the site is not directly related to Java, it should be appropriate to a Java programmer looking for references on coding standards and styles.

Offering a variety of services, including consulting, custom programming and training.
This category contains listings of sites concerned with formal and informal conferences, meetings, trade shows, workshops, and associated events related to Java.
This category contains listings of sites concerned with conferences, conventions, and trade shows related to Java.
This category only for Java Database specific sites.
To be included in this category: Significant Web applications that are packaged as servlets.

General servlet resource belong in Java/Server-Side/Resources/.

Servlet tutorials belong in Java/Server-Side/Tutorials/.

JavaServer Pages submission go in JSP.

Comprehensive tutorial sites encompassing more than one of the subordinated categories.
in order to have your site timely please submit only comprehensive tutorial sites encompassing more than one of the subordinated categories to this category.
Sites about the history of the Java programming language.
Email mailing lists about Java programming.
Lists may be read-only or discussion lists, but if they are read-only they must have useful general content posted - no project announcement lists please!
These are sites that offer advice, free software, and other information about Java programming.
The category covers all certification exams for Java.
These are the User Groups that are formed among people to associate with others with a similar interest in Java related technologies.