Web pages describing Fortran books.
This category holds links to FAQs, help and tutorials about various aspects of the programming language Fortran. FAQs are collections of (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions, along with their answers.
History of Fortran.
Fortran humor -- songs, quizzes, etc.
Online multiple-choice tests on Fortran.
This category contains sites pertaining to Fortran source code, primarily individual routines or loose collections of routines such as those for numerical computations, particularly in linear algebra (solution of linear equations, eigenvalues, etc.), evaluation of special functions, constrained, unconstrained and global optimization, probability, statistics (particularly least squares), and random number generation. See the main Fortran category for Fortran standards and compilers. See the Libraries subcategory for Fortran libraries, both in binary and source form.
Please suggest only websites that are primarily for the distribution of Fortran source code. Sites may contain documentation and related materials, but the focus should be on the source code itself. Sites pertaining to libraries, even if they are distributed in source form, should be suggested for inclusion in the Libraries category instead.
Official Fortran standards documents, technical reports, and drafts.