The goal of this category is to be the most comprehensive list of Forth implementations and links on the Internet. Forth is a programming language with a lot of implementations; you might say it is implementation rich; it may have more implementations than any other language. This is a strength and a weakness; it has positive and negative aspects, depending on your application. Many other languages are standardized, or complex and large, and when users want a new feature or change, they write an extension. Forth is less standardized and very compact, and when users want a new feature or change, they write an implementation. Forth philosophy is: If you can't find what you want in an extant Forth, write your own. Flexibility is the key virtue and goal.
colorForth is the latest version of the Forth programming language by Forth's creator and inventor, Charles Moore (chipchuck): extremely minimal, tiny, and fast, with simplified syntax based on color (text traits can be changed to others for the color-blind) to omit some words and typing. Has a custom keyboard configurer and editor to save even more keystrokes. Forms the base of a potent, free VLSI design tool. The official way to spell and capitalize this language, according to its creator's website, is as one word: "colorForth", not the common variants "ColorForth" or "Color Forth".
In 1978, shortly after Chuck Moore discovered the Forth language, volunteers started to make public domain implementations available for all popular micro computers. This is the fig-Forth series of compilers. Most modern public domain Forths are descendants of these Forths.
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This category is on the Forth operating systems called Retro, and Retro Native Forth.