Erlang is a soft realtime, declarative programming language for building concurrent and distributed systems. Open source and commercial implementations are available for the operating systems: BSD, Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Windows, and more.
This category is for sites related to the Erlang programming language and its applications. See Science/Math/Mathematicians for information on Agner Erlang, the mathematician. See Computers/Software/Industry-Specific/Telecommunications to find software for Erlang calculations for traffic management.
This category contains a links to resources on Erlang conferences & workshops or conferences where Erlang papers are presented.
This category contains user contributions implemented in Erlang. These contributions can be drivers, interfaces, applications or just libraries.
This category contains all types of examples of Erlang code.
This section will contain links to manual pages, books, examples, and other useful resources to get people started programming in Erlang.
Should contain articles, publications, and press releases which have appeared in the press and be related to Erlang.
Please submit papers and presentations which were not conference proceedings, news paper articles,and do not fit in the other article categories.
Pages to people active in research and development of the Erlang community.
Pages to people active in research and development of the Erlang community.
A list of products developed in Erlang OTP
Need to divide the applications which can be used in software development with products developed in Erlang which companies are selling.
Academic and industrial research projects involving Erlang/OTP.