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Delphi related commercial services. Consulting, custom programming, training and employment services.
Please submit websites offering Delphi cryptography to programmers as units, components, libraries or applications.

End-user cryptography products written in Delphi without source code are not programming resources and should be submitted to: Computers/Security/Products_and_Tools/Cryptography.

Delphi is an object-oriented pascal compiler for the Windows platform. Kylix is a sister pascal compiler for Linux. Pascal is well-suited for straight-forward implementations of cryptography algorithms.
This section is for Delphi FAQs.
Using Delphi for network software developing.
Please, place link to this category only if it not suitable for another subcategories of parent category.
People home pages mostly about Delphi programming, sources, notes and other.
This cat only for standalone applications. Components must be placed to Components. Delphi IDE integrated add-ons must be placed to Add-Ons.
Tools that help developing in Delphi.
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