D is a compiled, garbage collected, general purpose system and application programming language. It supports three programming models: imperative (function + data), object-oriented, and generic (template metaprogramming); making it a multiparadigm language. It is higher level than C++, but retains abilities to write low level, high performance code, and to interface directly with operating system APIs, and hardware, via an inline assembler. D is well suited to writing medium to large scale, million line programs, with teams of developers. D is easy to learn, more so for C/C++ and Java programmers, has many abilities to aid programmers, and is intended for aggressive compiler optimizing. It maximizes similarity to C/C++ language, processes, and tools, except where backward compatibility interferes with productive coding and more efficient compiling. The effort is lead by Walter Bright, who wrote or co-wrote many respected programs. Compilers: Zortech C/C++ that became Symantec C/C++ that is now Digital Mars C/C++, Northwest Software C, Datalight C, Zorland C, Visual Cafe Java, DMDScript (ECMA 262 (JavaScript) compiler/interpreter), ABEL (Advanced Boolean Expression Language). Games: Mattel Las Vegas Roulette, Empire: Wargame of the Century.
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