This category is on the Small C subset of the C programming language. The first Small C compiler was coded in standard C by Ron Cain, and published in Dr. Dobb's Journal in 1983. James E. Hendrix improved and extended that compiler and published The Small-C Handbook. Both compilers output 8080 assembly code. The Small C compiler is now coded in Small C. Small C is public domain, open source, and simpler than standard C, so it is ideal for those learning about language and compiler design, yet it is very useful for developing small systems, especially embedded ones. Several compilers (versions) exist: SMALLC22, SMALL-A, CSC, RCSC, 8051, Z80, 6502. At least two full manuals exist: HC11MAN, 8051MAN. At least one full book exists: The Small-C Handbook. While Small C began as one article in Dr. Dobb's Journal, since then it has kept evolving and growing more users. In the last few years it has been rewritten again, and is now clearer, faster, smaller, and outputs better object code. Its current home website is Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems.
This category is on the Small C public domain, open source, subset of the C programming language, first published in Dr. Dobb''s Journal.