This category contains websites of component vendors/developers, component archives, and component development related sites. Considering the fact that many Borland Delphi components written in object pascal are usable in C++Builder with little or no modification to their source code, sites dealing with Delphi components are also included.
Once common entries in this category reach a certain number, the entries will be categorized and put together into a sub-category with an appropriate name.

If you have a component-related site, or if you have developed components, you may suggest the url for this category.

Data transfer components for INPRISE Borland(R) C++Builder. This category covers port I/O and serial communication, internet conectivity and other forms of communication.
Interface components for INPRISE Borland(R) C++Builder. this category covers user interface elements, visual information formatters and interpreters, graphics, and multimedia componets.
Report generation components for INPRISE Borland(R) C++Builder.