General sites covering QBasic and QuickBasic content.
Please only submit sites with unique content dealing wholly in QBasic (QuickBasic) Choose the best catagory for your website. For instance, if your website mainly offers a compiler, submit it in Compilers and not in Personal_Pages. If your site covers QBasic in general, submit it in the top QBasic category. If you have any questions about QBaasic_and_Quickbasic, see the category FAQ.
Tutorials for learning the language QBasic (otherwise known as QuickBasic).
Please only submit: A page with one tutorial, or a collection of tutorials by the same author on different subjects, or a collection of tutorials by different authors.
QBasic is a BASIC programming language and this category is for games written in it.
This category is only for QBasic game programming sites, not general ones. General sites should be submitted to the parent category.