Liberty BASIC is a programming language that is in the same category as other Basic programming languages. It is a language for making Windows programs. It's language is similar to that of QBasic/Quick Basic, which are DOS Basic languages. Liberty BASIC is possibly, if not, the easiest Windows Basic Language to use, yet, it still offers you advanced programming abilities. So if you have no knowledge of prior programming, then Liberty BASIC is likely the place you should start for leaning programming. NRI Schools use Liberty BASIC as their Intro to Programming. Liberty BASIC has been gaining in its popularity over the last few years, and has a cult following that spans the entire world. It is that cult following which makes the Liberty BASIC programming community one of the nicest and most helpful online communities to be involved with. A major portion of the users of Liberty BASIC have been involved with it for years, and probably will never leave.. Liberty BASIC offers all they will ever need. Liberty BASIC is also a small package. Everything you need is just around 2 megabytes in size.. Quite small compared to other well known Windows Basic's which are up to 50 megabytes or more in size. But yet, Liberty BASIC still affords much of the power and abilities as those big languages.] Liberty BASIC gives you freedom from confusion, hard learning curves, and programming language bloat.