Active Server Pages is a scripting engine for server-side web development used primarily with Microsoft web servers.

The engine supports several scripting languages. The most commonly used languages are VBScript, JavaScript and PerlScript.

Note that the acronym ASP is also used for Application Service Providers, which can be found at Computers/Software/Business/E-Commerce/Business-to-Business/Application-Service-Providers, and Computers/Software/Rentable.

Submit sites offering resources, help, and documentation about the Active Server Pages technology.

Sites for companies offering hosting for Active Server Pages-based applications will not be listed here and should be submitted to the appropriate letter category under Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Hosted_Components_and_Services/.

This category contains sites offering ASP-based applications that can be used on web sites or offline. Applications listed here are either offered as source code or compiled applications that provides a component API such that ASP developers can integrate them into their own solutions. Examples of these applications might be a web message board or auctioning software. The code is already written and ready for use, it would also be possible to customize the applications by altering the source code or accessing the provided component APIs. Some of these applications are free while others are available at a cost.
This category contains links to pre-built collections (a small number) and directories (a large number) of ASP applications which can be either downloaded or purchased.

A submission to this category will only be accepted if the application is targeted toward ASP developers, and contains multiple listings of scripts and objects, or apps.

Software applications that are used to help create ASP code should be submitted to "ASP Tools" rather than here.

Developers of ASP applications for:

  • The Web - should be listed here.
  • Offline use - here.

Specific applications such as a guestbook application, forum manager, content management system, etc., should be listed in their unique, respective categories.

Microsoft ASP.NET, formerly known as ASP+, is not just the next version of ASP but rather a whole new paradigm for server side scripting on the Microsoft platform.
Sites submitted to this category should deal with the development of Web applications on the .NET framework. They should not be specific to a .NET language, but focus more on helping others develop .NET Web applications. There are other categories for specific .NET languages, so if the site is language specific please submit to that language category.

ASP.NET content should not deal with Windows Forms, or Windows Console applications. Content for ASP.NET Web Services will be considered.

This category is for sites offering collections of code snippets, either for use in Active Server Pages or for the benefit of learning the language.
If code samples isn''t the major feature of your site, please find a different subcategory.
This category is for consultants who specialize in ASP (Active Server Pages) or ASP+ (ASP.NET).
This category is for sites relating to the use of databases in Active Server Pages.
If your site is just about databases in general, please find an appropriate category for your site here: Computers/Software/Databases.
Sites in this category have a primary use of providing links or references to ASP-related material.

The referenced material may be (but not limited to) articles, code samples, FAQs, news items, references, resources, tools, mailing lists, and discussion forums.

This category features sites that contain tutorials and answers to frequently asked Active Server Pages questions. Web sites listed in this category are particularly helpful to anyone learning ASP and how the language works. Web sites listed here use VBScript as the primary ASP scripting language, unless otherwise stated.
This category contains sites with the primary aim of teaching people how to develop websites using ASP.

If the site contains other resources, and FAQs / tutorials isn''t the primary focus, the site belongs in ASP Resources rather than here.

If the site does not use VBScript as the primary ASP scripting language, then it should be pointed out in the description.

This category houses articles and documents explaining or discussing the use of Active Server Pages - usually the use of a specific function or component.
You can submit your site here if it is an index of ASP articles or just a single article, but please no more than one per domain.
Category for ASP-related personal sites and pages.
"References" are sites or pages which can be used as a reference point for investigating elements and functions used in ASP. They are usually a long list of all the commands and functions which are possible when programming in ASP.
Resources are for sites that have general informational material for the Active Server Page platform. It also house categories and links to categories to resource sites that has a more narrow focus.
Sites belong here if they relate to Active Server Pages and are a general resource for programmers.
Helpful tools of interest to ASP developers. This category includes links to company sites offering editors, code generators, and server-side components, but does not include resource sites, ASP tools links pages and similar sites.
This is for listing software or other related tools to assist ASP developers in their programming and design of sites.