Graphics Libraries are libraries used for producing visual imagery or data.


Libraries for three-dimensional graphics.
This category is for listing companies that would best be described as specializing in Programming Graphics Libraries. Note, that this does not mean that all companies who Program Graphics Libraries will be here! Please see the related categories to help you find other companies that do Programming for Graphics Libraries.
Graphics libraries for processing specific graphics file formats.


GGI, which stands for General Graphics Interface, is a graphics library that aims to be a reliable, stable and fast cross platform graphics system.
OpenGL is a portable, cross-platform software library, often used as an interface to graphics hardware. OpenGL depends on the use of a native windowing system for display. OpenGL can be used to create 2D and 3D graphics, as well as general matrix math processing. OpenGL supports programming techniques such as 3D modeling, lighting, affine transforations, alpha blending, texture mapping, and fog.

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