Computers/Programming/FAQs, Help, and Tutorials is a category meant for websites that have non-specific content about programming OR content that spans multiple programming languages. The content of these websites is help/tutorial oriented, as one could guess from the category title. If you are looking for a website specifically focused on help for one programming language, see the FAQs, Help, and Tutorial section under that language. A list of languages can be found under Computers/Programming/Languages. Please see the category FAQ at Computers/Programming/FAQs,_Help,_and_Tutorials/faq.html for more information.
Please Take Note! While this category is for websites that deal with programming from a broad perspective, please first consider whether you website might be a better fit in a related category. For example, a website with tutorials about HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver would do better in Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/FAQs,_Help,_and_Tutorials/, or one of its subcategories. Remember, it is in your best interest to submit to the correct category! Submitting to the correct category will speed up the time it takes for your website to get reviewed.
Sites providing describing services that help with computer programming in return for payment.