A parallel computing project may be any research endeavor related to some aspect of parallel programming. Research that uses parallel computers to accomplish its goals (that is, research in another scientific field that involves running simulations or using visualization software) is found elsewhere in the directory (somewhere in Science hierarchy, in the specific category that seems most related to the subject of the research). Many of these projects are new and interesting ways of making parallel computers; others relate to parallel algorithms.
Many institutes have lots of research projects. Listings of research institutes that have a significant computer science bent (many of which have divisions that do scalable programming research) are in Computers/Computer_Science/Research_Institutes.
Submissions to this category should be home pages of individual projects involving parallel programming research.

If your site is the home page of a research institution, please submit it to the Computer Science Research category. (You may submit specific pages from your site to this category if they contain information about your parallel programming projects.) If your site is a supercomputing facility, it also belongs in the Computer Science Research category.

If your parallel programming project has produced a software package that is publicly available (either commercially or open source), please submit it to the Parallel Programming category.

Please tell us what your project''s acronym stands for, and give a short description of the project''s goals and what information we can find on your site.