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Documentation about specific parallel programs can be found (if it exists) in the category listing that program. Documentation about writing parallel programs in specific languages is under Computers/Parallel_Computing/Programming/Languages.
This category contains documentation about parallel programming, including algorithms and program design.
This category contains information about parallel programming languages, including extensions to existing sequential languages as well as completely new languages. Message-passing libraries that allow writing parallel programs in a normally sequential language are listed in Computers/Parallel_Computing/Programming.
If your site contains primarily PVM documentation, please submit it to the Documentation category. Submit your site to the main PVM category if it is about an implementation of PVM, language bindings for PVM, monitoring or profiling tools, patches for specific architectures, or any other software that directly relates to PVM.

If your site is about software that just happens to be written using PVM, please find a place in Computers/Software for it based on what your software does.

This category contains implementations and documentation about parallel programming libraries. A parallel programming library is a set of functions that allows a program to run computations on multiple nodes of a parallel computer. The library provides a way for the program running on one node to communicate with the program communicating on another node. Parallel libraries often have implementations (or bindings) for many different languages. Some programming languages have built-in parallel functionality. These languages are listed in Parallel_Computing/Programming/Languages.

Software that happens to be parallel is listed elsewhere in the directory. For example, all linear algebra packages are listed in Science/Math/Algebra/Software regardless of whether they are for parallel systems.

If you are researching parallel computing, but your project has not yet produced any software, then you should submit your site to Computers/Parallel_Computing/Projects.

This category contains tools related to parallel programming. This includes, but is not limited to, profiling tools and debuggers for parallel programs, parallel make utilities, and batch schedulers. Compilers are listed in Computers/Parallel_Computing/Programming/Languages.
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