The word 'beowulf' refers to a class of parallel computers. A Beowulf-class computer is a cluster computer composed of bare-bones computers (generally cheap ones, containing only a processor, memory, and a network card) connected with fast networking. Special system software allows all the individual computers in the cluster to work together efficiently. Beowulfs were developed as a cheap alternative to buying a monolithic supercomputer, and can be put together from generally accessible parts.
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This category is for home pages of Beowulf clusters. Most of these are located at universities and research institutions, but some are personal projects, with cluster sizes ranging from three nodes to thousands of nodes.
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This category is for documentation about beowulfs. Both installation instructions and general technical information are here. General documentation on parallel computing can be found in Parallel_Computing/Documentation.
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This site contains listings for companies that sell Beowulfs. Some companies provide only racks of nodes; others provide complete systems; others specialize in clustering software.

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If your organization has one Beowulf, please submit your site to Beowulf/Cluster_Sites. If you sell individual Linux systems, please submit to Computers/Software/Operating_Systems/Linux/Vendors. Companies that provide other hardware related to cluster computing (for example, high-speed network cards) or parallel systems that are not Beowulfs are listed in Computers/Parallel_Computing/Vendors.