Please submit only sites that are "companions" related to one or more print periodicals.

Computer publication e-zines (ie., online-only periodicals about computing topics) should be submitted to Computers/Publications/Magazines_and_E-zines/E-zines/.

Sites that aggregate a significant amount of online content along with content from print periodicals might consider submitting instead to broader categories like Computers/Hardware/Technical_Evaluations_and_Product_Reviews/

Subscription offer pages or sites consisting mainly of subscription ordering information should be submitted to Shopping/Publications/Magazines/

Weblogs in English providing news, articles, and opinion related to the general topic of Computers.
Only weblogs with a broad focus on Computers will be listed here. Blogs with a focus on any one technology issue, development, software or gadget/accessory should instead be suggested to an appropriate category for the topic of the main focus. Personal weblogs including significant which lack a specific focus on Computers should instead be suggested to Society: People: Personal Homepages: Weblogs. Before submitting here please make sure you have exhausted any other possible category. Suggesting inappropriate sites to this category is likely to significantly delay their review and potential listing by editors.