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This category is for hardware, software, or any information relating to audio formats. The most commonly found formats have subcategories, so please submit there if appropriate. More rare formats, or comparisons between numerous formats may be listed in this category.
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Help, how-to's, and articles that take an instructive approach to various aspects of composing, playing, and performing computer music and audio.

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Computer music and audio hardware including technical support sites, product reviews, and home built/kit hardware.
This category is for MIDI sites containing information about the format or software/hardware used in conjunction with it.

Sites offering MIDI sound files belong in: Arts/Music/Sound_Files/MIDI

(Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a protocol for sending digital information between electronic music instruments and equipment, including computers and signal processors (devices that modify sounds by adding reverberation, modifying pitch, and other means). The basic protocol addresses common functions, such as notes, timing, pitch, and pedal information. MIDI keyboards, guitars, violins, and drums have become as common as the synthesizer in electronic music. MIDI permits such instruments to be connected to one another and to computers, which are often used as sequencers (devices that control the output of musical instruments and signal processors).
Please check for an appropriate subcategory to submit your site to before you submit to this category.
Sites that offer music and audio related software or information about topics covering audio related software.
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