This category contains links to English-language web sites with content pertaining to NTT DoCoMo's I-Mode wireless Internet access standard. I-Mode telephones allow quick and easy Internet access and messaging with one-hand functionality using compact html, a simplified markup language. Currently, the I-Mode service is only available in Japan, although there is both Japanese and English content. NTT DoCoMo is expanding the I-Mode standard aggressively through substantial investments with major US and European wireless carriers. Within the i-mode brand is technology called i-appli. i-appli is a Java application program which works in a Java environment specifically developed for NTTDoCoMo's i-mode phone. It is not a JAVA applet that works on c-HTML environment.
Please only submit links to web sites which are either entirely in English or which have a substantial English section, and which are easily viewable in an ordinary web browser.

you may submit i-appli and java mobile information sites, but not i-appli sites themselves as they will not be viewable on ordinary web browsers.