For links relating to third generation networks, not add-ons like ringtones. Sites generally not listed in this category: * Ringtone and Wallpaper websites that focus on the trading or providing of ringtones, wallpapers and other add-ons. Please see: Computers/Mobile_Computing/Wireless_Data/Cellular_Add-ons/ * Online shopping: Sites that exist primarily to sell goods and services directly to the consumer should be submitted to the Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Communications/Wireless/Cellular_Phones/Accessories/Software/ category. See the Shopping category description for more detail. * Sites that focus on providing information to consumers are listed under Home/Consumer_Information/Electronics/Communications/Mobile/. See the Consumer Information FAQ for more information. This category focuses on 3G networks and network technology.
For links relating to third generation networks and/or network technologies, not add-ons like ringtones or wallpapers.

To add a ringtone, wallpaper or cellular add-on website, please see: Computers/Mobile_Computing/Wireless_Data/Cellular_Add-ons/