A private network that uses Internet software and Internet standards. In essence, an Intranet is a private Internet reserved for use by people who have been given the access necessary to use that network. Businesses often use intranets to allow easy hierarchical access to company information. For Intranet software (such as ready-built HTTP servers) look in the Software subcategory. For Consultants and Business building Intranets, look in the 'Consultants and developers' subcategory.
Sites should cover (but not limit themselves to) Intranet:
  • Design
  • Structure
  • Implementation
  • Case studies
  • Advice or general information
Internet pages designed to be a single entry point for individuals within a common organization or having specific interests. Portals normally include links to the most important information sources, along with commonly used tools. The intent is to provide a convenient, time-saving access to information while filtering out distractive and redundant information.
For whitepapers only. Other news or articles, submit to Computers/Intranet/News_and_Media .