Free For All Links are a resource for locating products, services, and information within the various categories presented. Also a promotional tool for those who wish to share their new sites, services, and offers to visitors of FFA sites. Free For All Links pages are also at times specific to certain topics, fields of interest, or for personal site links. Most carry a warning about posting Adult content, which is unacceptable to the majority of FFA sites. It has become a practice for services to automate entries within FFA pages so that the lists fill up fast and it seems to defeat the purpose of using these sites as a means of effective promotion. Your links can be verified by visiting the site, and at that time you can visit and explore the resources available within their categories, and take a peek at their web site.
Submit only unique free for all sites which accept links from all appropriate submitters. DO NOT submit individual membership sites from networks where all members share the same links.