Banner Exchange Programs are a great way to get exposure for your site. Usually, it is very easy to join these programs, and add the HTML code to your page to get started. The way they normally work is that every time one of their member's ads loads up on your page, you get credits. For every full credit, your banner is shown on another member site. The number of banners you need to display on your site to earn a display of your banner on another site is known as the exchange ratio. Some banner exchanges also give you free banner displays (impressions) just for joining. If you have a specialised site, try and find a related banner exchange in the "Special Interest" subcategory as you're likely to get a higher clickthrough rate. Different banner exchanges offer different exchange ratios and banner sizes. This category is slowly being updated so that each listing will end with [Exchange Ratio: -:- Banner Sizes: ---x--] to help you quickly determine whether one is suitable.
When applying to this category, please be sure that:

1. Your site offers a banner exchange.

2. You have checked the sub-categories to see if your site might belong in one of those instead.

Remember: if you submit sites that do not belong here, your listings will get moved to the appropriate site anyway (but you run the risk of your site being moved to a category far, far away). It also creates extra work for us!

Lists and reviews of banner exchanges.
Please submit only sites listing and/or reviewing banner exchanges to this category. Banner exchanges themselves should be submitted to the Banner Exchanges category.
This category is for banner exchanges that focus on a particular geographic area: anything from a city to a U.S. state, Canadian province, or even nation.