This category is for sites providing information or services relating to website promotion. This includes search engine placement, advertising, link exchanges and traffic marketing. PLEASE NOTE, most firms will fit into a subcategory of Promotion and WILL NOT be listed at this level.

Web site Design firms DO NOT belong in this category. If your site offers Design, Hosting and Promotion, please submit to the appropriate letter in the Designers section.

Search engine optimization and submission firms should be submitted to the appropriate letter in the Search Engine Optimization Firms section.

If you have a general marketing agency that goes beyond the scope of Internet marketing, please look for the appropriate subcategory in the Business: Marketing section.

All other firms specifically related to website promotion, please look for the subcategory that best fits your site services.

Failing to submit to the proper subcategory may cause delays in your site being listed.

Promotion focused on web based advertising and banners.
This category is for websites that offer web based advertising services including advertising space, classified ads and banners. This is not for banner creation services. If your site offers a graphic service, please submit to the Web Banners Category. Banner Exchange Programs are in the Banner Exchange Category
This category is for companies / experts / consultants / agencies who specialise in the field of Branding on the Internet. They should have the experience and expertise in all facets of brand building, brand management and brand strategies for the Internet and the new media.
Comparisons, forums, and discussions about search engine position.
Cloaking is a type of software that allows a site to selectively display pages to visitors. Usually the separation is made at search engine spiders vs. regular human visitors. The intention is to serve attractive pages to human visitors while serving search engine spiders a version that is easily indexed and better optimized. Cloaking is also used in cases where the page would otherwise not be indexed by a search engine at all. For example when using flash, or excessive javascript, or many levels of nested tables. In this case being able to present a simple HTML version of the page to a spider is very helpful in getting indexed and ranking well.
Please submit only sites that offer cloaking software to this category. Sites offering search engine optimization services should be submitted to an appropriate website promotion or marketing category.
Directories and link compilations which relate to directory and search engine submission.
This category is for articles, papers and research concerning Ethics and Standards within all forms of website promotion.
Submit the URLs of articles, papers and research on the topic of website promotion Ethics and Standards.

Do not submit web promotion firms to this category.

Free information related to the promotion of web sites through search engines, banner advertising and news letters, cloaking.
This category is for sites that offer tools or services to enhance link popularity by locating and implementing incoming links to a site or reciprocal links. If you have a Free For All Links page, please submit to Free For All Links . If you have a Link Exchange page, please submit to Reciprocal Links .
Submit only unique free for all sites which accept links from all appropriate submitters. DO NOT submit individual membership sites from networks where all members share the same links.
Please submit the Web page most dedicated to subscribing to search engine discussion mailing list or news information. If no specific page exists, please submit the main site.
Pay-Per-Click advertising companies that do not confine their services to any one of the subcategories. In general, these are the leaders of the Pay-Per-Click industry.
Due to the preponderance of substandard and miscategorized sites submitted to this category and its subcategories, grossly incorrect submissions may be rejected. It is in your own best interest to comply with submission guidelines:

If your web site fits into any one of the subcategories, please submit there instead.

This category is for individuals and companies who offer search engine optimization and submission services, either by hand or software, for money. Submissions are only accepted under the alphabar using the appropriate letter of the first word in the title.
All submitted websites will be reviewed by an ODP editor. Each site should clearly indicate its range of services, the country in which the business is located if outside the USA, and contact information including mailing or street address and/or telephone number.
This category is for sites that offer tools for website promotion that are not software tools. If you have a Software Promotion tool, please submit to Website Promotion Software .
If your site offers both paid submissions and free submissions, please submit to the Premium Services Category, Search Engine Optmization Firms .
A weblog (or blog) is a journal that is available on the web. This category lists weblogs about website promotion, including search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM).
Please only submit weblogs dealing with news and information pertaining to website promotion. Please only submit English-language weblogs.