Definition of Freelance:
1 : a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by an organization
2 : a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer
Who Belongs in This Category?

  • Individuals not affiliated with a company or organization offering web design
  • Web design is part time, a secondary income, or a hobby
  • Students offering their resume, specific web-related training, and samples of skills (can include portfolios of sites designed if available) with employment as the primary goal of the web site.

How to Title your Site and Submit to the Correct Category:

  • Sites in this area should be titled using the name of the freelancer, followed by the title the site: "Last Name, First Name - Title"
  • If the title of the site is the person''s name use just "Last Name, First Name".
Place sites in categories according to the first letter in the title you have given the site (last name, or site title depending on the above).

How to Write your Description:

  • Only submit sites that are in English. Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate country under World.
  • Do not type in capitals, nor capitalize all nouns.
  • Do not include a list of keywords.
  • Do not include your products.
  • Do not write a sales pitch.
The description should describe, or list, the services you offer.
  • Do NOT include superlatives ("We''re the best, "The greatest website...", "We''re #1..., etc.).
  • The description should be in English, in coherent sentence form, and free from mistakes.
  • Do not use unnecessary capitalization, or include HTML tags.
  • Submit to only ONE category.
  • Submit to the one best category possible.

Following these guidelines will assist us in listing your site as quickly as possible.