Definition of Freelance:
1 : a person who acts independently without being affiliated with or authorized by an organization
2 : a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer
If any of the following conditions apply, please submit your site to this category:
  • Individuals not affiliated with a company or organization offering web design
  • Web design is part time, a secondary income, or a hobby
  • Students offering their resume, specific web-related training, and samples of skills (can include portfolios of sites designed if available) with employment as the primary goal of the web site.

Guidelines for submitting sites:

  • Only submit sites that are in English. Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate country under World.
  • Do not type in capitals, nor capitalize all nouns.
  • Do not include a list of keywords.
  • Do not include your products.
  • Do not write a sales pitch.
The description should be a brief summary of the services your company offers:
  • Do NOT include superlatives ("We''re the best, "The greatest website...", "We''re #1..., etc.).
  • The description should be in English, in coherent sentence form, and free from mistakes.
  • Do not use unnecessary capitalization, or include HTML tags.
  • Submit to only ONE category.
  • Submit to the one best category possible.