Search engines which provide specialised search results.
Please only submit specialised search engines which serve unique content, eg. a site simply providing an alternative style sheet for Google results should not be submitted. A specialised search engine should be one that indexes content from the internet not simply a web site, forum or directory with it''s own search function. Search engines for specific topics should generally be listed under that topic. So if your search engine is focussed on a particular topic, then please suggest it somewhere under that topic instead. In particular, travel searches and real estate consolidation sites will not be listed in the category.
This category contains search engines that look for documents stored as separate files on the World Wide Web. The most common format is PDF, but Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents are also common and even plain text or rich text files can be included.
Please do not suggest search engines which only offer document/PDF search as one option. Instead, suggest it to the category on which it is focused and mention the document/PDF search option in the description, if relevant.
The sites in this category are search engines which search the content of file hosting services like Fileserve, Filesonic, Megaupload, RapidShare.
You may submit sites which also search for torrent files, if the emphasis is on file hosting services.

Sites searching for torrent files should go to Computers/Internet/File_Sharing/BitTorrent/Torrent_Directories_and_Trackers/