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Search engines which index only scholarly online resources.
Please only submit links which are literary in nature. This includes technologies, histories, and legal issues, but explicitly excludes reviews or marketing materials.
Articles, reports and other literature on search engines or web crawlers., formerly known as Ask Jeeves, is an Internet search engine and division of IAC Search & Media.
Web sites submitted to this category should contain unique content relating to Bing. Please do not submit sites that you merely want listed on Bing; use their add URL function instead. Search engine optimization companies should not be submitted here.
Resources pertaining to Microsoft Bing, the Internet search engine.
Search engine optimization firms should submit to the appropriate category: Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Search_Engine_Optimization_Firms/

Web sites that will not be listed here:

  • Search engine optimization or marketing firms.
  • Directories.
  • Sites feeding results from another search engine.
  • Any search engine without their own spider technology.
Please ensure you read the submission guidelines carefully before suggesting a link. Irrelevant links or links not complying with submission guidelines will simply be deleted.
Thank you.

A family friendly search engine is a web site connected to a database that uses spider technology to search out and follow Web page links and catalog these Web sites and provide search results safe for children, families and schools based on users search term queries.
Web sites submitted to this category should contain unique content relating to Google. Please do not submit sites that you merely want listed on Google; use their Add URL function instead.

Search engine optimisation companies are not listed here unless they contain significant informational content about Google.

If you submit sites that fall into either of the above groups, despite this notice, then expect them to be deleted.

Resources pertaining to Google, the Internet search company.
Companies developing and providing search software. Companies listed here should focus on large-scale Internet search.
Please pick your Country or Region of the World first. Then select there the locality and topic the Search Engine covers.

If your site isn''t to search for English language websites, go to the World languages section of the directory, choose your language and submit your site to the appropriate subcategory there.

@-links to search engine categories in Regional/.
Web robots (also known as crawlers or spiders) are programs that traverse the Web automatically, and which are used by search engines to index the Web, or part of it.
This category is primarily for informational sites about the sitemap files produced by website owners for the benefit of search engines. It may also include tools for generating and analysing such files. Individual sitemap files for specific sites are not listed here, not are the sites of companies offering general SEO services. Suggesting inappropriate sites to this category will only delay their review and potential listing by editors.
This category is concerned with sitemaps created specifically for search engines to crawl websites effectively.
Please only submit specialised search engines which serve unique content, eg. a site simply providing an alternative style sheet for Google results should not be submitted. A specialised search engine should be one that indexes content from the internet not simply a web site, forum or directory with it''s own search function. Search engines for specific topics should generally be listed under that topic. So if your search engine is focussed on a particular topic, then please suggest it somewhere under that topic instead. In particular, travel searches and real estate consolidation sites will not be listed in the category.
Search engines which provide specialised search results.
Sites related to the Internet search services offered by Yahoo!
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