Sites and Web pages directly concerned with DMOZ, a free, Open Content, volunteer maintained, World Wide Web directory.
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Category containing sites in memory of and in tribute to deceased Open Directory editors.
This category is for articles in online media about the Open Directory.
Please suggest news articles discussing or referencing the Open Directory Project to the appropriate "year" subcategory, based on their publication date.

This category includes sites to the ODP's official policies, guidelines and supporting links that are of interest to the general public and the ODP community.

An overview of Regional branches that are operating as Regional Trees.
Academic research related to the Open Directory Project. The listed research papers may quote ODP as an example for a large web directory, they may describe studies based on ODP data, tests for which ODP data were used or they may focus on ODP itself.
The Open Directory Project is Open Content. Anyone can download and publish the directory listings, in whole or in part, for free, by agreeing to include a brief acknowledgment and links. For details see the ODP license. This category lists those websites that use ODP data in compliance with the license.
This category is only for sites that make use of ODP data and comply with the ODP license. Submit such sites under the first letter of the name of the company or of the website.