Sites which offer ways to search the Internet for information, or describe or discuss ways to search it.
Search engine optimization firms should submit to the appropriate category: Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Search_Engine_Optimization_Firms/
A Web directory is a static listing of Web links, usually built up by human editors. Directory links are usually described in a short paragraph, and categorized by subject. The Open Directory you are using right now is an example of a Web directory. This category lists general interest directories in English or multilingual, including English.
This category lists directories. It is not a way of submitting your site to directories. Only submit the main URL of the site. If the main purpose of your directory is web promotion, please submit to Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Directories

Persistent inappropriate submission may lead to a ban on submissions. Sites that are not directories will be deleted.
Sites which offer guidance on how best to search the Internet.
This category features email discussion lists and newsletters about search engines, directories, and Internet portals.
These sites do not crawl the web themselves to build an index. Instead they allow searches to be sent to several search engines all at once. The results are then unified. They may either present results from each engine one after the other (parallel search), or blend them, removing duplicates.
This category is strictly for metasearch-based sites.

Sites that provide a more comprehensive "start page" should be submitted to the Web Portals category.

Search tools that do not combine search results into a single stream, but rather return them separately from each index or directory should be submitted to the Multi-Search category.

Sites which offer a number of search tools on one page. Each search tool can be accessed from its own search box or via a single search box by radio buttons, drop-down list or other method. Resources may include general search engines, directories, dictionaries, encyclopedias or other general reference resources.
Integrated search pages relating to a specific topic or geographical area do not belong here.

Search tools which can combine results from several indexes should be submitted to the Metasearch category.

OpenSearch is a simple XML based format for the sharing of search results. OpenSearch is an open data format and open standard released under a Creative Commons license. The format is currently used to define search providers by Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers since the release of Firefox 2, as well as Internet Explorer since the release of Internet Explorer 7. This category provides resources about the OpenSearch standard and format, tools to help develop OpenSearch based search plugins as well as repositories containing OpenSearch search plugins.
Only suggest sites about the OpenSearch technology, which is used to integrate search into a browser. THIS CATEGORY IS NOT FOR SEARCH ENGINES OR OTHER WEB-BASED SEARCH FACILITIES!
A search engine is a web site connected to a database that catalogs other Web sites. It will search the actual text of other web sites. A computer search program, or spider, follows links on web pages to regularly and automatically rebuild this database.
Search engine optimization firms should submit to the appropriate category: Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Search_Engine_Optimization_Firms/

Web sites that will not be listed here:

  • Search engine optimization or marketing firms.
  • Directories.
  • Sites feeding results from another search engine.
  • Any search engine without their own spider.
Please ensure you read the submission guidelines carefully before suggesting a link. Irrelevant links or links not complying with submission guidelines will simply be deleted.
Thank you.

Weblogs primarily about searching the Internet: news and commentary related to search engines, directories and other tools and resources for searchers. English-language only.
Weblogs which simply note interesting sites that the author has come across will not be listed here.

Weblogs with a primary focus on the promotion of websites via search engines should be submitted to Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Promotion: Weblogs If your site is not first and foremost a blog itself, please submit it elsewhere. For example, search engines that search weblogs do not belong here.