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Please submit sites providing information on proxy caching technology and implementation to this category.

Sites offering proxy caching hardware or software should be submitted to Computers/Internet/Proxying_and_Filtering/Products_and_Tools/ or its most appropriate subcat.

This category deals with sites connected with proxy based caching solutions.
Only active chats and forums will be listed here. If your site has no users or posts, do not submit hoping that a listing will change that. It should be active already. Inactive sites will not be listed. If the main topic of your site is not proxying or filtering, please submit elsewhere.
Forums, message boards and chat rooms for discussion of proxying and filtering related topics.
This category is for sites discussing content filtering, and for products whose primary focus is content filtering, and that are hardware, or both hardware AND software based only.

Content filtering products that are software based should be submitted to the "Software" subcategory.

Proxy server products that provide content filtering, but are primarily focused on another area (e.g. user anonymity, caching) should be submitted to the most appropriate subcat of: Computers/Internet/Proxying_and_Filtering/Products_and_Tools/.

Internet Service Providers offering filtered Web access and server-side filtering should be submitted to a category under Computers: Internet: Commercial Services: Access Providers. Please choose the most appropriate subcategory for your site.

Proxy server products whose main focus is filtering features that prevent unauthorized viewing of unapproved Internet content. Such products usually disallow access to material which the administrator or organization considers to be either offensive or unrelated to the task for which Web access is provided to individuals. A common use for such tools occurs in preventing children and young people from viewing websites containing violent or pornographic material. However, most filters can be used to block a variety of access based on the criteria set by the administrator.
Intermediate servers that forward all requests and responses for a specific service (e.g. web access), and often perform caching as well. These are used for five main purposes: (1) To cut down on total bandwidth and thus speed up the network overall (2) To increase individual privacy (3) To implement "censorware" such as Bess (4) To get around "censorware" (5) To log the activities of users
Please note only sites for hardware proxy products, or sites for BOTH hardware AND software products are listed in this category.

If your proxy product is software please submit to the relevant subcategory.

Products and tools providing proxying functions for various internet protocols, on various platforms.

Functions nearly always include some form of connection sharing, and may also offer caching, content filtering, antivirus or antispam functions, firewall and activity reporting.

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