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Please submit only sites which offer services devoted to image hosting.

* Photo sharing services belong in '' Computers: Internet: On_the_Web: Web_Applications: Photo_Sharing''. * Personal and professional photo albums probably belong in ''Arts: Photography: Photographers'' or ''Business: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Photographers''. * Photo album software probably belongs in ''Computers: Software: Graphics: Image Cataloguing''

It is always a good idea to read the general submission guidelines naturally, but I''d also like to request that you examine current listings as well and try to use a substantially similar style and format for the title and description. We receive quite a few submissions in this category tree, so the less surgery we have to perform on your submission, the faster we can list all the sites which deserve it.

Services which provide image hosting with a focus on external linking to things like auctions, blogs, forums, and other interactive web pages. These services offer no traditional photo sharing elements such as online albums.
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