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A syndication format. Website feeds are typically available in either RSS or Atom flavors, which notify subscribers of updated content.
Only sites about RSS and related technologies such as RSS readers and tools should be suggested to this category and its sub-categories. In particular:
  • Individual RSS feeds on random topics do not belong here (unless the feed''s subject itself is RSS). Instead suggest them to a category based on the topic of the feed.
  • Sites which deal with feeds in general, and so include information about Atom or RDF too, should instead be suggested to somewhere under Computers: Internet: On_the_Web: Syndication and Feeds.
  • Sites focusing on particular aspects have their own sub-category. If one is appropriate for your site, it should be suggested there not here.
RSS is a family of data formats used to publish 'feeds' containing news or detailed up updated content on the web. RSS stands variously for "Really Simple Syndication" (RSS 2.0), "RDF Site Summary" (RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.90), and "Rich Site Summary" (RSS 0.91).
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