Domain_Names guides users to subcategories which contain all resources and services having to do with Domain Name Services. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database used by computer systems to map between hostnames and IP addresses, and to provide electronic mail routing information. Each site (university department, campus,company, or department within a company, for example) maintains its own database of information and runs a server program that other systems across the Internet can query. The DNS provides the protocol which allows clients and servers to communicate with each other. This category and its sub-categories include the companies that provide the resources to make this system work, companies that provide the resources to end users for use or resell and sites that discuss issues in the system.
Very few sites will be listed at this level, so please check whether there is an appropriate sub-category for your site before suggesting it here. In particular:
  • Companies who''s primary business is offering domain registrations to consumers are listed under the Registrars sub-catetgory.
  • Sites concerned with the technical side of the DNS protocol, are listed under Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS.
Informational sites related to domain name disputes.
Businesses offering legal services like dispute resolution or trademark registration should be submitted to a category like Society/Law/Attorneys_and_Law_Firms/Intellectual_Property instead.
This category is for the listing of sites that provide domain names for sales or auction. Domain squatting is severely discouraged. Brokers, listers, and similar sites should submit to the General Brokers subcat for proper listing. Mass sellers (any site listing more than 50 domain names and/or websites for sale) should submit to the Mass Sellers subcategory. Please make sure to read the descriptions in both BEFORE submitting to ensure that your listing follows the guidelines for that category. Please check the FAQ if you have further questions.
Please read the category description carefully, many sites will belong in the appropriate subcategory. Failure to submit to the correct category may delay your site being reviewed.
Sites for official ICANN-authorised registries for top level domains.
Only official gTLD registries (as defined by ICANN) are listed here. Sites for ccTLD registries should be suggested to the appropriate letter sub-category in the Country Domains category. Sites for registras (those providing registration services / selling domain names) should be suggested to the Domain Name Registrars category. Submitting inappropriate sites to this category will only delay their review and potential listing by editors.
Domain name parking is the process of registering a domain name without immediately using it for a Web site. This saves Web hosting fees. However, in order to register a domain name, you must provide the names of two DNS servers. These listings include companies willing to allow you to use their DNS servers for parked domains. For the most part, they charge a fee for this service. They may only allow domain name parking if you pay them to register the domain name (not allowing another registrar). They may also tie domain name parking to use of their Web server in the future.
Companies whose primary business is offering the registration of new domains to clients.
Sites are not listed directly within this category. Please suggest sites to the appropriate letter category, based on the initial character of the company name.
The sites that do not fit in any other categories under the C/I/Domain_Names/ category. Sites that provide services such as news, statistics, directories of sites related to domain names, guides. There are sites that fall under the description above, while providing domain registration services. These sites should go under the appropriate alphabar letter.
Please submit sites that do not fit in any other categories under the Computers/Internet/Domain_Names/ category. Sites that provide services such as news, statistics, directories of sites related to domain names, guides. Sites dealing with domain registration should be submitted under the appropriate alphabar letter.