The Palace visual chat software lets you communicate interactively in rich visual environments. You create personalized "avatars" that allow you to be "seen" online. You can express yourself with sounds, space, and movement as well as text. Conversation appears in speech balloons next to the avatars, making it much easier to follow than boring text-based chat.
Websites that are related to the Palace software will be accepted. Any other type of chat software websites will be rejected. Please submit your site to the appropriate category.
Host your own personal Palace chat server - from 8 to 50 users. Use these listings to find the host that best meets your server needs.
Submit hosting sites that include The Palace, which is a Virtual Reality Modeling Language or VRML.

It is okay to submit sites that offer web hosting, as long as they also offer Palace hosting.

Do not submit general web hosting pages, here. Instead, please submit them to the Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Hosting category.

Announcement, discussion, or general Palace-related mailing lists can be found here. Most of the Palace-related mailing lists use or Yahoo! Groups as their service provider. It is advisable that you create an account with both those services before signing up.

Listing for the web pages associated with individual Palace sites. For direct links to each Palace site, see the Palace Directory.

Web sites usually provide information about The Palace site, its house rules, calendar of events and room graphic downloads. For more general Palace information visit Computers: Internet: Chat: The Palace.

Please do not submit sites that promote D/s, Gorean or BDSM lifestyles.
Mainstream online radio that promotes Palace servers, events along with great music.
Do not submit to this category if the radio station does not promote Palace.