Instant messaging is the process of using a computer application to send and receive messages in real time to another user. This works very similar to a conversing in a chat room, but has some different features.

There are many different Instant Messengers available for public use.

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Sites relating to the application and associated APIs provided by Google.


ICQ is instant-messaging and chat software developed by Mirabilis, a company that is now called ICQ Inc. and is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner. The software is free for download from the ICQ site, file archives such as CNET and other sources. ICQ Inc. claims that more than 40 million people have used the software, and its one of the most popular instant-messaging programs. The name ICQ is a play on the phrase "I seek you."
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Jabber is an open-source IM platform. It uses an XML-based protocol, and has transparent compatibility with other messaging systems including ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, IRC, and SMTP.
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