Sites dedicated to specific IRC channels, or IRC channel directories, especially multi-network channels. Sites about channels on a specific IRC Net for which a subcategory exists, should go to their subcategories.
This category is for sites related to channels on IRC networks, both network-specific and multi-network channels. It is also for sites which are broadly related to channels, such as an IRC channel search engine.

PLEASE NOTE: If your site is related to a channel on an individual network then please submit it to the appropriate sub category. This will ensure your site gets listed much more rapidly.

Listing of channel homepages for one of the largest IRC networks in the world, DalNet.
Sites related to the Eris-Free (EFnet) IRC network, with the primary focus being channel home pages.
Please submit only URLs of web pages dedicated to EFnet channels or web-access sites and search directories narrowed to deal only with EFnet. Do not submit websites dealing abstractly with IRC or IRC networks other than EFnet. Do not submit websites for non-EFnet channels under this category.
GalaxyNet is one of the many Networks offered by IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and it offers many channels for real-time chat.
The QuakeNet IRC network channel cat.