An ISP Directory is a site which lists multiple ISPs and ISP services. ISP Directories make searching for a new ISP easier and quicker than visiting and comparing ISPs on many different sites.
To be listed in the Computers/Internet/Access_Providers/Directories category, a site must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must list multiple ISPs.
  • Must include information for Each ISP (services offered, areas covered, etc.)
  • ISP Detail pages must link to the ISPs site. (links to other sites that in turn link to ISP site not accepted -- this means affiliate links!)

This category is NOT for ISPs to list their services. Please only list your site if it falls into this category.

Directory sites which only list NATIONAL ISPs and neglect to list _local_ or _regional_ ISPs are not likely to get a listing on the basis that the list is quite incomplete. There are only a handful of national providers but many local ones. To see the same set of national providers listed in most every locality is a dead giveaway that the directory is a sham.

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