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Only submit sites that enable features not found in the AOL software itself or add and/or enhances features in the AOL Suite of programs
With over 30 million members, America Online is the undisputed online service. This category includes both official AOL sites and others pertaining to the company. AOL member sites, such as Hometown, are placed in categories relating to their content.
Note, if your submission is not for a BLEC and instead provides service to a regional area, the proper category is By Region.
Internet Access Providers providing high speed access to specific buildings, typically via Ethernet.
The sites listed in this category provide broadband Internet service, and in many cases provide cable television. Please submit only retail sites offering broadband Internet connections for home or business. This category is for English Language sites only. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the most appropriate category in

This category lists Christian Internet Service Providers that provide Internet access with website content filtering to block pornography etc. Also lists other category related services.

If your web content does not identify as being Christian affiliated, then please submit to the Filtered Internet Service Providers category instead. Thank you.

Find services associated with Christian Internet Service Providers, commonly known as a 'Christian ISP'.
To be listed in the Computers/Internet/Access_Providers/Directories category, a site must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must list multiple ISPs.
  • Must include information for Each ISP (services offered, areas covered, etc.)
  • ISP Detail pages must link to the ISPs site. (links to other sites that in turn link to ISP site not accepted -- this means affiliate links!)

This category is NOT for ISPs to list their services. Please only list your site if it falls into this category.

Directory sites which only list NATIONAL ISPs and neglect to list _local_ or _regional_ ISPs are not likely to get a listing on the basis that the list is quite incomplete. There are only a handful of national providers but many local ones. To see the same set of national providers listed in most every locality is a dead giveaway that the directory is a sham.

Other categories closely related to Computers/Internet/Access_Providers/Directories:

An ISP Directory is a site which lists multiple ISPs and ISP services. ISP Directories make searching for a new ISP easier and quicker than visiting and comparing ISPs on many different sites.
This category provides general DSL information from DSL service providers. DSL Internet access providers are listed under the appropriate By_Region link.

This category lists Filtered Internet Service Providers that provide Internet access with website content filtering to block pornography etc. Also lists other category related services.

Find services associated with Filtered Internet Service Providers, also known as a 'Filtered ISP'.
Please only submit unique, informative and otherwise useful sites. Services must be free, without hidden costs, membership requirements, or misleading/misrepresenting statements.
Directory of totally free Internet access service providers and or unique/useful guides.
Organizations working in the internet access industry.
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) go here ... companies which provide access to the Internet, via dialup connections, leased lines, etc. Web hosting companies, etc., go elsewhere in this directory.
Please only submit sites that are resources for ISPs. If the site is an ISP itself, please visit the Access Providers category instead.
Resources for Internet Service providers consist of any products or services that an ISP can use within their business. The term ISP for this category is uses loosely, and consists of companies offering dialup, broadband (point to point, DSL, wireless, satellite, etc.), web hosting, or virtually any IP based service.
Satellite internet access provider
Please include the following information when submitting: operating system or distribution, connection bandwidth, IRC policies (no IRC at all, bots/BNC restrictions), and compiler/interpreter policies of shell providers.
UNIX based shell providers and other related resources.

Please make sure to list your city, state (if not in the US please list proper address information) along with your coverage areas. Information should be verifiable at the submitted URL, if it is not please wait to submit the URL.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

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