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Please only submit sites which contain concrete information about cyberstalking and online harassment. Sites that appear to exist solely to attack an individual or organization will not be included.

Junk mail and spam are not cyberstalking and sites about such activities may be found in Top: Computers: Internet: Abuse: Spam.

Disagreements are not harassment.

Do not submit In Computers:Internet:Abuse. Please look for the appropriate sub-category below. Denial of Service Sites about hostile web applets which maliciously consume resources. How To Report Sites which instruct how to report Internet abuse. How To Report Web Abuse Sites which instruct how to report abuse in specific web communities. Sexual Harassment Sites about sexual harassment on the Internet. Spam Sites which have to do with spam, anti-spam software and tactics, spam laws, and people accused of spamming. Spam laws Sites about spam laws.

Please Read this Before Submitting Your Site

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are listed only in sub-categories of this main category. If your company that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet via dialup connections, leased lines, and so forth, please look below this category for the appropriate sub-category and submit your site there.

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide access to the Internet, are listed in the By Region category and sub-categories.

This category and its sub-categories are for English language sites. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the most appropriate category in World

If your company''s primary services are in web hosting and domain name registration, please submit instead to Web_Design_and_Development.

If your services are primarily web design, please submit instead to the most appropriate category in Web Designers.

Following these guidelines will help prevent delays in having your site listed.

Resources about and for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)... companies which provide access to the Internet, via dialup connections, leased lines, etc. NOTE that entries for actual ISPs should be added under the REGIONAL category for the parts of the world they serve (for instance, National ISPs in the U.S.A. would go under Regional/USA). Sites that do not offer Internet access, such as companies that specialize in web hosting and domain name registration, don't belong under here since they have their own Open Directory category elsewhere. If you find another good worldwide list of ISPs, you can add that under Regional. ISP lists that only deal with some portion of the world should be added under the category for the parts of the world they cover. You may want to add "[ISPLIST]" to the beginning of the title of the site, to set it apart from the normal listings.
This category will include the web sites with broadcasting information and resources. These sites can be in-depth content-descriptive how-to tutorials, articles, or portals.

Any web sites that deal with adult content will not be included in this category.

Broadcasting of Audio/Video using the Internet, specifically, Internet only broadcasters or broadcasting. Please submit to the appropriate subcategory.
This category is for sites which feature resources or information on live chat or related topics.

Suitable sites may include online communities or other such venues which have a large participation.

Please submit smaller web chat rooms (Java or HTML based), IRC, The Palace and instant messaging related sites to the appropriate sub categories.

Note that this category and sub categories are not suitable for the submission of forum sites.

This category lists larger sites which relate to general web based chat. Other types of online chat are included in appropriate sub categories. If you cannot decide which site to visit, why not try our chat guides category here, it recommends easy-to-use chat sites, and lists many help files for new chatters.

Please submit only the websites which provide information, standard documentation(s) or properly written guides (textual or video guide) on topics related to usage or guides for serverside development related to Cloud Computing. Information might include the potential risks, accepted benefits and guidelines from authoritative bodies and must not promote a single brand to confuse the user. Please suggest websites directly to the appropriate sub-category, under Cloud Computing main category.

For Example :

All service providers ideally should submit to the Cloud_Computing/Service_Providers sub category instead of the main category.

All free software developers as well as closed source software developers ideally should submit their website in Cloud_Computing/Programming sub category instead of the main category. Websites must have direct relationship with programming and must not be a service provider themselves.

Apart from the standard guide written here - How to suggest a site to the Open Directory which must be followed, please submit your website on this specific category only if :

You have nothing related to cloud computing to commercialize. The terminology commercialize excludes using standard third party adverts which are complaint with our "How to suggest a site to the Open Directory" policies linked above.

The website or part of website must have a significant and / or authoritative unique content which are fully free to read without any need to register, forced to click any social networking button to reveal the content or fully paid content.

Educational websites, Governmental websites or any standard organization who determines the rule or sets the security can submit any non webpage document including pdf format file.

Cloud Computing is the deployment of various technologies on demand for the delivery of computing resources typically over the Internet. The architecture of cloud computing involves one or more real servers, generally in architecture with high reliability and physically located at the data center of the service provider. In case of Infrastructure as a Service, the customer uses the provided interface to select the service on request (such as a complete virtual server or storage) and administer (including configuration of building a server, deletion, partitioning). The physical characteristics of the implementation (real server, the location of the data center ) are irrelevant. For Platform as a Service, the customer can login an select solutions to launch an instance which are most commonly used, which can be a content management system like Joomla! or a server instance for deploying custom application for a specific server side programming language without the actual need of manually installing the needed components through command line interface. It however decreases the control of the user as the user can not directly run commands through SSH which demands to be the root user privilege (like installing Ruby Gems with sudo command). Depending on the service provider, the user can however pull a git or wget or curl the resource and use make command. The frontend application's webroot is usually not the default webroot, for example in case of a Apache2 webserver. Software as a Service, is practically the usage of frontend of the application through browser. Apart from these three, Cloud Computing can be divided in to three models - public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud depending upon the permitted usage and access.
"Commercial Services" is not a category in which we list links. It is strictly to serve as a referral category to sites which were listed here when it was a functional subcategory. For the most part, the subcategories which used to be housed here can now be found at
A consultant (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise.

Who Belongs in This Category?

Consultants whose main focus is Internet Consulting. Services could include:

  • Planning and Development
  • Strategy and Research
  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Production Resources and Execution

Companies which do not specialize heavily in these services should considering listing in another category.

Please consider the following before listing in this category:

How to Title your Site and Submit to the Correct Category:

  • Sites in this area should be titled using the name of the company
Please do not include extra information in the Title field! Extra information will be deleted.

How to Write your Description:

  • Only submit sites that are in English. Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate country under World.
  • Do not type in capitals, nor capitalize all nouns.
  • Do not include a list of keywords.
  • Do not include your products.
  • Do not write a sales pitch.
  • Do include your area or region (Based in Chicago, IL) (Based in UK)

Consider starting with:

  • Provides:
  • Providing:
  • Offering:
  • Offers:
  • Featuring:
  • Supplying:
The description should describe, or list, the services you offer.
  • Do not include a list of keywords.
  • Do not include superlatives ("We''re the best, "The greatest website...", "We''re #1..., etc.).
  • Do not use unnecessary capitalization, or include HTML tags.
  • Do not include or submit an "advertisement".
  • The description should be in English, in coherent sentence form, and free from mistakes.
  • Submit to only ONE category.
  • Submit to the one best category possible.

Following these guidelines will assist us in listing your site as quickly as possible.

Internet Consultants may be involved in various aspects of internet advice and recommendations. Functions may include; planning and strategy, evaluation and coordination, also development and execution of strategic on-line initiatives. Consultants may work on several different projects and may have many different clients. Consultants comprise of freelance talent as well as corporate conglomerates.
Please submit your site to one of the appropriate "country subcategory" below. This will help speed the editing of your submission.

Please additionally submit your site to the appropriate "locality" category in the ODP Regional branch.

Example: Kifissia Internet Cafe - Internet Café located in Athens. should be add to Computers/Internet/Cybercafes/Greece/ and submitted to Regional/Europe/Greece/Prefectures/Attica/Athens/

A cybercafe (also referred to as Internet Cafe) is a place offering computers for rent with the ability to check email, surf the Internet, make connections with others via chat, upload digital photos, play games, utilize word processing and other software products. Many cafes also offer other business services and refreshments. Establishments with the primary purpose of interactive gaming should be sent to Computers/Internet/Cybercafes/Gaming All other general purpose cybercafes should be submitted to the appropriate regional sub-category. Businesses which are primarily a restaurant, that happens to also offer a couple of internet terminals should be sent to the appropriate Regional locality.
This category is in the process of being disbanded, and so is no longer accepting new URL suggestions.
This category is in the process of being disbanded, and so is no longer accepting new URL suggestions.
Very few sites will be listed at this level, so please check whether there is an appropriate sub-category for your site before suggesting it here. In particular:
  • Companies who''s primary business is offering domain registrations to consumers are listed under the Registrars sub-catetgory.
  • Sites concerned with the technical side of the DNS protocol, are listed under Computers: Internet: Protocols: DNS.
Domain_Names guides users to subcategories which contain all resources and services having to do with Domain Name Services. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database used by computer systems to map between hostnames and IP addresses, and to provide electronic mail routing information. Each site (university department, campus,company, or department within a company, for example) maintains its own database of information and runs a server program that other systems across the Internet can query. The DNS provides the protocol which allows clients and servers to communicate with each other. This category and its sub-categories include the companies that provide the resources to make this system work, companies that provide the resources to end users for use or resell and sites that discuss issues in the system.
Please submit all free email services to the Free category. All other email and related sites should be submitted to the categories in Email.
Establish a web-based email address you can access anywhere, anytime using your favorite browser. Most services are advertisement supported and require at times an extensive disclosure of personal information. Keep in mind that your primary choice in usernames will probably be taken on the more popular email services such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. To avoid having to use obscure usernames, you may have to register with a smaller or newer email service such as PopMail or Postmark.
This category is for sites that offer courses relating to the Internet and Internet technologies.

Sites offering primarily online courses should be submitted to the Computers/Education/Courses/Online category.

Sites offering classroom-based courses should be listed in the appropriate Regional section.

This category contains websites that pertain to computer education about the use of and development of the Internet. Sites submitted should offer education or training in a range of Internet related courses. Tutorials in specific web development areas like JavaScript or Flash, should be submitted to the appropriate specific category. General training and educational courses delivered via the Internet should be submitted to Online Teaching and Learning . Computer software training delivered via the Internet should be submitted to Online Training .
This category does not overlap with

Please also check the subcategories.

Please make sure your link is submitted to the most appropriate of these categories.

Internet etiquette, or "Netiquette", refers to practices of writing, contact, and behavior on the Internet. This includes normal terms of etiquette, as well as other conventions of behavior that have become established over years of electronic communication.
Please submit sites to this category only if they provide helpful information or tutorials for those wishing to learn about the Internet.

Consulting, or other predominantly commercial sites, should NOT be submitted here. Instead they should be submitted to their respective industry or regional category.

This category contains sites with help articles and tutorials pertaining to the Internet.
Sites should be of significant interest to users of file-sharing software, with news, discussion, or reference features. Sites exclusively focused on a single network that has its own subcategory (e.g. Gnutella) should go to that subcategory.

Please note that if the site is offering storage on the web, it should be submitted in Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/Web_Applications/Storage or its subcategories and not here. Keep in mind that suggesting a site in a wrong category may considerably delay its review.
This category is for sites devoted to compiling news, reference information, or community discussion about file sharing software, activity and current events.
Please submit any sites about the Trojan Room Coffee Machine.
Accounts of the origins and development of the Internet. Archived material from the Internet's past.
In general, there are very few sites that are appropriate for inclusion at this level. There are many sub-categories of this category, which may be more appropriate for your site, as follows: General, monthly-subscription-based fax services should be listed under Computers: Internet: Internet_Fax: Services Broadcast fax services should be listed under Business: Marketing and Advertising: Marketing Support Services: Media: Fax Free services (ad supported or otherwise) should be listed under Computers: Internet: Internet Fax: Services: Free Pay per use or prepaid services should be listed under Computers: Internet: Internet Fax: Services: Pay Per Use Internet fax guides, reviews and directories should be listed under Computers: Internet: Internet Fax: Services: Guides and Directories
This category contains sites related to Internet fax services, software, reviews, and general information related to Internet fax.
The News/Internet branch of the Open Directory contains sites publishing news about the Internet or Internet related issues. These sites may publish using the traditional web page, or may be published as newsletters. This category is not for the "News" or "What's New" pages of non-news web sites. Those sites should be listed under their appropriate category. For example, the "News" page of the Department of Education should be listed wherever the Department of Education main page appears. Please add only one URL for a news site. Do not add a URL for each issue of a news site or newsletter. The editor of this branch will include all relevant information about all pages of your site in the site review. If you feel the review of your site is incomplete, please direct your comments to the editor listed at the bottom of the branch page. Sites which do not fit this description will be relocated to an appropriate category.
The 42 member Digital Future Coalition (DFC) is committed to preserving the time-tested balance between the rights of owners of intellectual property and the traditional use privileges of the public.
Submissions to this section should bear in mind its location under the Top: Computers.

Anything related to the process of governance of the Internet as a network of computers is welcomed.

Sites relating to aspects of Internet Policy not connected to its nature as a network of computers (such as Internet Economy or Internet Society) should be submitted to:

"Top: Society: Issues: Science and Technology: Computers: Internet" or "Science: Social Sciences: Political Science: Public Policy: Ecommerce Policy"

And outcomes of the process of governance, such as standards, protocols, domain names, should go in the appropriate category in Computers: Internet

Policy regarding Standards, Legislation, Regulations, Visions, Dreams and Plans about the Internet as a network of computers. Particularly focused on the governance process of the Internet. (How plans become standards, Who makes the decisions and so on.)
Submitted sites should be related to the Internet protocols, not the software or servers that use them. Software that uses the protocols should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory in Computers/Software/Internet (ex. Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/Chat/IRC).
This category is for the protocols that are used in the Internet protocol suite, commonly known as the TCP/IP model, also known as the DoD model.
Please submit sites providing information on proxy caching technology and implementation to this category.

Sites offering proxy caching hardware or software should be submitted to Computers/Internet/Proxying_and_Filtering/Products_and_Tools/ or its most appropriate subcat.

There is currently no description created for this category.
This category is for ezines that review websites. General internet ezines should go to Computers:Internet Publications:Ezines. Marketing ezines should be listed in the marketing subcategory of the above
There is currently no description created for this category.
Searching/Directory websites should submit their sites to Computers: Internet: Searching
Sites that have information about the entire Internet, not just one aspect of it. For example, sites that only cover the World Wide Web should be listed in the appropriate subcategory of Computers/Internet/WWW Sites appropriate for this category should be rare.
Request For Comments (RFC) documents are a series of notes about the Internet. Each RFC is assigned a unique number, and once published is not modified.
A few notes on submissions: Please check the page and sub-pages for a duplicate before submitting. Try to submit the least specific URL that matches the category eg: not If your primary roll is consulting please put you request under "computers:consultants:....."
Routable protocols and the equipment and software used to do the routing.
Search engine optimization firms should submit to the appropriate category: Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Promotion/Search_Engine_Optimization_Firms/
Sites which offer ways to search the Internet for information, or describe or discuss ways to search it.
Statistics and demographics sites are those that do research reports on the Internet in general. A pretty broad definition of these kind of sites will be accepted. However, please don''t submit sites that have software for measuring web site traffic. Submit these to Business: Marketing and Advertising: Internet Marketing: Traffic Measurement.
Internet research reports and market analysis about Internet users, software, and technologies.
(Computer telephony adds computer intelligence to the making, receiving, and mangaging of telephone calls.) Companies and Products featuring Internet Telephony, New Age Telcos and the like.
This category is for sites related to training on various aspects of the internet, by both online an more traditional means. Sites that offer general online training do not belong here.Start looking for a more suitable category at Business: Education and Training or Computers: Education: courses: Online. Sites that are related only to training specific to a particular aspect of the internet do not belong here. Instead, they should be suggested somewhere under the best topical category that covers that particular aspect of things. Start looking at Computers: Internet. Suggesting inappropriate sites to this category will only delay their review an potential listing by editors.
Site submissions to this category should include Business sites offering Internet training services. Before submitting your site to this category, please check to see if it may be better placed in a specific Regional sub-category or in another related Computer category.

Sites which are incomplete, which have Under Construction notices, or which contain broken graphics or links have a poor chance of being listed. Please wait to submit your web site until it is complete. Please double-check the URL, and, if possible, include an e-mail address so we may contact you if we have questions. Duplicate submission (i.e. same site submitted repeatedly to single or multiple Web Design and Development categories) is not considered to be an acceptable practice by the Open Directory Project. If your site is submitted repeatedly, it may be removed from the Directory altogether.

All sites within Commercial Services are listed with the company name as the Title. Submissions to a Regional Web Design and Development category should include the business location in the description.

Designers and Developers:

We invite you to submit to the correct letter beneath the Designers subcategory beneath the Web Design and Development area alphabetically. Please submit to the appropriate subcategory, rather than to the main Web Design and Development category.

You may also submit the site to the appropriate category in the Regional tree.

If you provide more than one service (i.e. Hosting, Promotion, Marketing), be sure to mention each of the services in your description.

Web Design and Development guides users to subcategories which contain all resources and services having to do with designing, developing, maintaining, and promoting Web sites.
The World Wide Web (WWW) is composed of many, much smaller, Internets and Intranets all linked together to form a much larger whole. This category is truly global in that anyone, anywhere can look at and add to the contents. While this category is not the place, if you are interested in the history of the WWW one place to start might be: This category contains links to other categories only. Please do not submit here. If you do it will lengthen the time it takes for your site to be accepted because we must then try to decide where your site best fits. What we decide is not necessarily what you would decide. Please help us both and find the best fit for your site. Submission Guidelines - The Open Directory Project editors are committed to building the most useful Directory on the Internet. We want to help your promotion efforts by listing your site in a timely manner. We want your website to be found easily. By choosing the most appropriate category, you assist us in both these efforts. Sites which are incomplete, having Under Construction notices, or which contain broken graphics or links have a poor chance of being listed. Please wait to submit your web site until it is complete. Please double-check the URL, and, if possible, include an e-mail address so we may contact you if we have questions.
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