Sites related to IBM's large range of platforms including subcategories for AS/400 (iSeries) and S/390 (zSeries).
Note : This category is intended to provide ''useful'' links to elements related to IBM hardware platforms such as AS/400 and RS/6000.

Retailers or sites with no specific links to IBM hardware platforms should submit their sites directly to a more related category.

IBM Mainframe refers to any computer that is compatible with IBM eserver zSeries computers and their predecessors, dating back to the System/360 first announced by IBM on April 7, 1964. Compatible in the software sense: it will run the same operating system.
Please submit only hardware manufacturer sites, and sites that provide non-marketing-oriented information about IBM Mainframe computers. Subcategory "Services" is for sites selling consulting, training and other services. Sites on Software, with no Hardware component, belong in a subcategory of Computers/Software, typically in Computers/Software/Operating_Systems/Mainframe/IBM or a subcategory.