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Distributors and resellers MUST contribute new valuable information, not already contained in this category, to be included.

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3D scanners generate a 3D computer model of a physical object. This is achieved either contact-free or through a contact probe.
Intended primarily for manufacturers. Distributors/dealers must provide unique content apart from listing the scanners and their specifications. Dealers please indicate geographic region covered.
Book-scanners are designed to scan fragile, historic or vintage books. Usually this is achieved by having a variable focus camera (repro camera) mounted above the scan area. These scanners have ways to remove the distortion of the scan due to the books spine. Some models have mechanical "hands" to turn the pages.
Manufacturers preferred. Distributors/dealers must provide unique content - not only list the devices and specifications.
Document scanners are for high-volume high-performance scanning tasks. Document scanners have automatic document feeds (ADF) to scan batches of originals. Usually they also have a duplex-unit to scan both sides of a page. These scanners are typically part of a document management solution (DMS).
Please submit only sites dealing with large format scanners and scanning of at least A2/C-size documents.

Manufacturers of large format scanners and sites with original large format scanning content is preferred.

Distributors and resellers MUST contribute new valuable information, not already contained in this category, to be included.

Large format scanners are scanners able to digitize at least A2/C-size documents. Large-format scanners, also called wide-format scanners, can digitize a wide variety of documents by either rolling a document past the scanner's CCD cameras or by having an overhead CCD camera capturing the image. Wide-format scanners are traditionally used within architectural, engineering, cartography and GIS mapping industries to digitize blueprints, CAD drawings and maps for editing, copying and archival purposes. With the advent of large-format scanners with both high resolution, rich color-capturing and thick media handling, new application areas have emerged. Today wide format scanners are also used by repro houses, photo labs, advertising agencies and the graphics industry. Even art museums have taken up large format scanning of fragile paintings and pictures for digital use and storage.
Distributors/dealers must provide unique content apart from simply listings the devices. Please state the geographic region into which you distribute the scanners.
Portable scanners are extremely miniaturized scanners, mostly used by traveling salespeople who attach them to their laptops. Apart from A4/A-size scanners, there are also business card scanners and pen-scanners. These devices often come with OCR software and sometimes with translation software too.
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