A video display terminal, a type of display screen for desktop systems that resembles a TV screen in a hard shell case. Monitors attach via cables to a computer and display the image signals produced by the system. Also includes flat screen displays as well as items to use with monitors such as glare reduction screens, monitor covers, etc.
The main category is intended for largely informational websites that tend to cover lots of general ground on the subject of monitors. This may include websites that produce useful reviews and articles but not display manufacturers or largely commercial websites such as retailers and suppliers. There are seperate subcategories for such websites.
Mounts, screen covers, hoods and other solutions which are added to or used in conjunction with existing monitors.
Displays which feature multiple screens, often seperated by a thin bezel.
Displays which have been toughened to help withstand extreme conditions such as military environments and the great outdoors.
Displays with the ability to display 3D images, either on their own (autostereoscopic) or with the addition of 3D glasses. Images on these displays appear to the viewer to exist in various planes both infront and behind the screen itself.
Articles discussing the technology, particularly future advances in autostereoscopic displays, are welcome. Distributors and manufacturers who specialise in these displays should also be submitted.
Computer displays featuring touch-sensitive input capabilities. Includes standalone systems such as kiosk displays.