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This category is for companies who manufacture portable players or offer extensive resources/forums for those who own portable players. Please submit to Shopping/Consumer_Electronics/Audio/Digital_Portable_Players if the primary purpose of your site is retail.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category includes labels, ribbons, scanners, printers and all peripheral equipment related to the bar-coding industry.
PC based Point of Sale Hardware components for retail and hospitality applications. Bar code scanners, receipt printers, magnetic card readers, touch screen monitors, bar code printers and other peripheral devices may be connected to the computer.
The combination of video capture hardware and application program that controls the display of video or television pictures on your desktop PC.
The main category is intended for largely informational websites that tend to cover lots of general ground on the subject of monitors. This may include websites that produce useful reviews and articles but not display manufacturers or largely commercial websites such as retailers and suppliers. There are seperate subcategories for such websites.
A video display terminal, a type of display screen for desktop systems that resembles a TV screen in a hard shell case. Monitors attach via cables to a computer and display the image signals produced by the system. Also includes flat screen displays as well as items to use with monitors such as glare reduction screens, monitor covers, etc.
A series of switches, arranged somewhat like a standard "QWERTY" typewriter that allows you to send information to a computer. There is no such animal as a "standard" computer keyboard.
Please submit sites that pertain to modems as they relate to hardware peripherals. Sites that are informative in matter and content or provide means necessary to obtain modems for personal or business use may be accepted for submission into this category.

Editor reserves right to change link and site description for category. Please keep site descriptions to less then 2-3 sentences.

A modem is a device consisting of a modulator and a demodulator. It converts a digital signal into an analog signal which is modulation and reversing this is demodulation. For example, a modem allows a user to download Web pages using an Internet browser and a connection to the Internet.
Links relating to hardware useful for CAD applications.
A small hand-held device, similar to a "trackball", used to control the position of the cursor on the video display. Movements of the mouse on a desktop correspond to movements of the cursor on the screen. Also in this category are alternatives to using a traditional mouse, joysticks and controllers and graphic tablets and systems.
Please submit printer repair companies to the appropriate subcategory.
A device which takes computer information and prints it on paper or other medium.
Distributors and resellers MUST contribute new valuable information, not already contained in this category, to be included.
A device used to input graphic images into the computer. Scanners look at or "scan" a piece of paper and put the images's information into digital form. Scanners come in three basic types: flat bed, sheet-fed and drum. They can also come as one part of a multifunction device that prints, copies, faxes and scans. Not covered in this category are barcode-scanners, radio frequency scanners, light scanners for stage/concert application and scanner software.
Mainly for kvm switches which stands for keyboard/video/mouse switch used to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. But also for switches for peripheral sharing devices used for adding an additional printer or fax machine to a computer which only has one port. Line extenders for keyboard, mouse and monitor. KVM-extenders for VGA-monitors.
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