Jal is an acronym for: Just another language. It is a high-level, imperative, Algol- and Pascal-like programming language and compiler. Its original author, Wouter van Ooijen, describes it as an Algol-style, meekly typed, block scoped language, which looks much like Pascal, but can be called a 'microcontroller Ada' or 'structured Basic'. It emits machine (executable) code for PIC and compatible microcontrollers, by Microchip (PIC), and Ubicom (SX, was Scenix). The compiler runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and MS Windows. It was released in 2003 as open source (free) software with a GNU General Public License, GPL; van Ooijen has released several other tools and tutorials to the PIC community. He, and the Jal home website, always spell Jal with mixed case letters.