Software Piracy is the activity of copying and redistributing software, computer programs, in violation of copyright. Sometimes this involves "cracking", breaking or working around the parts of the program code meant to ensure that no one copies it illegally. Sometimes it just involves making a copy when the agreement says not to. These redistributed pirated programs are often known as Warez. The Open Directory will not list links to sites that are substantially focused on the distribution of illegal materials. The sites listed here discuss the practice, for and against, and some may even provide information on how to do it, or how to find other sites that distribute the software, but these sites do not distribute the material themselves.
Only informational sites should be listed here, not sites that directly distribute pirated programs themselves.

The directory guidelines say "Since US law governs the ODP, sites that infringe on US law should not be listed. Copyright infringement, certain kinds of pornography and death threats are illegal." Warez are software copyright violations by definition, so sites that directly distribute them should not be listed.

News and media sites related to the underground pirate software scene. This underground scene is commonly referred to as the "warez" scene.
No direct Warez links or links to any sort of pirate or copyrighted software. This directory provides links to web-pages containing only information regarding the underground pirate software scene.