Emulation is the process of simulating the hardware of one computer (particularly the processor) via software on a different one. In other words, it allows you to use software meant for another system that you may not have access to by running a program on your system. For instance, an emulator will let you use an arcade machine that no longer exist or use a game console that can no longer be purchased. Note that this category is different from Games: Video Games: Emulation because the focus here is on the emulation of personal computer systems and Operating Systems running on these.

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Due to legal threats from Nintendo of America, Inc no site containing ROM Images for any of the systems published by Nintendo (including arcade machines) may be listed in the Open Directory Project.
Emulator of the ABC80 computer from Philips.
Acorn Computers Ltd was a British computer company established in Cambridge, England, in 1978. The company produced a number of computers including the Acorn Atom, the BBC Micro, the Acorn Electron and the Acorn Archimedes.
Please only submit sites relevant to the emulation of the Acorn range as a whole to this category. For sites related to emulation of the Acorn Archimedes, please submit to Computers: Emulators: Acorn: Archimedes For the BBC Micro and Master, please submit to Computers: Emulators: Acorn: BBC
Sites about emulating the Amiga computer and operating system on other computers.
This category is for emulation of the Amiga System. Emulation on the Amiga belongs to Computers: Systems: Amiga: Software: Emulators.

Software usable on a real Amiga should be submitted to Computers: Systems: Amiga: Software.

Emulators for Amstrad computers : CPC 464/664/6128 and 464+/6128+, GX4000, PCW 8256/8512/9256/9512/9512 and NC 100/150/200
Category that covers emulation of all computer systems from Apple, including Apple II, Lisa and Macintosh.
This category is for the emulation of the Macintosh computer. Sites about the emulation on the Macintosh should be submitted to Computers: Emulators: Host Platforms: Macintosh.
Dealing with the topic of emulating the computers and consoles produced by Atari. Covering both the emulators themselves and the web sites that support them. This includes, but is not limited to, the Atari 8-Bit (400/800, XL, XE), Atari ST (520/1040ST(e), MegaST(e), Falcon030) and consoles (2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar).


Emulation of systems published by Digital Equipment Corporation.
The Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator was the first full-scale computer with electronic stored programs. It began its operation at Cambridge University in England June 1949.
When first announced it was the Enterprise Elan, a little while later it became the Flan, then the Samurai and when it was finally released (about two years late) they had settled on just Enterprise.
Rather than place many of these sites in the top level, this category was created so that more organization could be given to the many sites that are dedicated to emulation for a particular platform. Sites that are dedicated to a specific target, are listed in the appropriate category under Computers: Emulators.
This category is for the emulation on specific platforms. Sites about the emulation of them should be submitted to appropriate target platform in Computers: Emulators.
Emulators, tools, and emulation resources for IBM Mainframe Systems.
This category is specifically target toward emulators of IBM Mainframe Systems. Thing related to this but don''t belong here include Terminal Emulation, In-circuit emulators, and PC-to-host clients.
Wondering exactly what all this emulation stuff is about? These sites include information about what emulation is and how it works. These sites also contain links to emulators for most platforms.
Emulation of Intel x86 (includes Pentium) including Operating Systems that run on it.
Emulators for the Jupiter ACE from Camtab.
Emulators of the Memotech computers.


This category covers emulators of MSX, a standard platform design which was licensed to many manufacturers.
This category helps to locate sites that keep computer users informed of the latest happenings in the world of emulation. These sites are popular with hard-core emulation fans, but also allow newcomers to get their feet wet and become part of the emulation community.
News sites focusing on one Host Platform should be submitted to the appropriate platform category.
Emulators and emulation resource for system published by Sharp
Emulations of the Sinclair computers and various compatibles including but not limited to ZX80, ZX81, Timex-Sinclair, QL, ZX Spectrum, SAM Coupé and Pentagon 128.

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General emulation resources and emulators for systems published by Spectravideo.
Thomson MO5 is a 6809 based computer designed by Thomson in 1984. This category is for sites about emulating the MO5.
Emulators and emulation resources for the TI-99/4A and other systems generally considered to be in the TI-99/4A 'family', which include the TI-99/2, TI-99/4, TI-99/8, CC40, Geveve and the Tomy Tutor.
Emulators and emulation resources for TI systems which are not part of the TI-99/4A family should be submitted to Computers: Hardware: Calculators: TI Graphing Calculators: Emulators.