Sites with information about electronic books, including e-book guides, news reports on e-book business and technology, and pages about electronic book readers. Also includes gateways to the related ODP categories for e-book titles, stores, and publishers. Electronic books are a communications medium, just like regular books, or CD-ROMS, are communications mediums. Types of electronic books include: electronic texts, or e-texts; and electronic reading devices.
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Software tools for creating electronic books.
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Academic and commercial conferences, meetings, trade shows, workshops, and associated events with a major focus on electronic books.
Guiding information about electronic books.
Publications from online news services, newspapers, books, magazines, e-zines, and journals with electronic books as a principal topic.
Hardware devices that display e-book material (text and images) for reading.
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Electronic book titles (writing that can be downloaded or transferred by some other means and read offline by an e-book reader), with links to related ODP categories (please refer to these categories for listings and submissions on their respective topics):
  • Electronic Text Archives are printed literary texts available on the Internet.
  • Online Reading and Online Writing are for sites containing works that exist and are accessible exclusively online.
  • Digital Library Collections provide entrances into the collections and user services of digital, nonphysical, libraries.
  • E-Books for Sale are listed in the related Shopping category.