The XML Tools category contains various software solutions that can be used throughout the lifecycle of an XML project. The range covers, browsers, databases, editors, parsers, publishing systems and servers. On the top level you'll find links to other collections of XML tools.
A browser is a piece of software which allows web pages to be displayed on the screen. You are probably using one to read this. This category is for browsers which are specifically developed for or modified to work with XML. More general browsers are listed in the Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/WWW/Browsers category.
An XML editor is a software program used to author, edit, or otherwise manipulate XML documents. Some tools are non-validating editors, which means that while they do check for the well-formedness of an XML document (all XML tools must do this!) they do not interpret a potential Document Type Definition (DTD) to validate the XML document against the rules described in the DTD. Others are validating editors and support DTD-based validation of XML documents, which is required for all publishing or data exchange applications.
Please submit only sites dealing with XML editors and note there license terms [Freeware] [Commercial] [Open Source]
Parsers are programs which read XML in a structured manner breaking it into smaller chunks which can be passed to other programs (or parts of the same program) for interpretation or action.
Servers are programs which present XML (or other formats derived from XML) to other programs. In this category are listed complete server applications and programs which can be added into general purpose servers to give them additional XML capabilities.