This category is for resources related to the Extensible User Interface Language (XUL) which was initially defined as part of the Mozilla project. XUL is an XML grammar for describing the contents of windows and dialogs. XUL can also be used to create extensions for Mozilla.
"Tutorials" links to from-the-beginning, step-by-step online tutorials which introduce this topic to beginners. Brief articles/TechNotes on specific topics should go in the "Articles and TechNotes" category. Method-by-method, property-by-property reference documentation should go in the "Documentation" category. Slide and streaming audio presentations should go in the "Presentations" category.
The "News Articles" category is for nontechnical online magazine articles about XUL which are intended for a general audience. Articles listed here should not be: a naked piece of sample code (put those in the "Sample Code" category); a pretty demo without explanation (put those in the "Demos" category); comprehensive A-Z tutorials (put those under "Tutorials"); or technical news articles or TechNotes for a technical audience (put those under "Technical Articles and TechNotes").
This category is for Applications which include support for the use of XUL.

This category is intended for end-user-oriented applications, not authoring tools for content/application developers; authoring tools should go under Tools.